No Whining

My name is Brian Fuder and I am trying to encourage the world that I live in, and also myself  that there is to be “No Whining”.

Life is too short to be surrounded by whiners or to be one yourself. Positive energy attracts positive people and if we get caught up in too much whining we will start to chase away the positive and invite the negative into our lives and bringing with it all kinds of gloom and despair.

Am I living a life free of whining? Not a chance, I am well practiced in the art of whining and I am making a concerted effort to minimize my whining. Will I ever be free of whining, not likely as after all I am human and with that comes a whole other set of problems. Do I practice what I preach, not always but again I am trying. We can never be successful at anything if we don’t at least give it a try. I hope that I can share some thoughts and ideas of ways to make me and hopefully a few others less likely to whine.

What is SEBND2? Well, I have an old 1972 Chevy pickup that is in much need of work and TLC and if you just say SEBND2 you will hear 72. I myself need as much care and TLC as the 72.

I doubt that I can change the world but one never knows, but if I can create a positive influence on just one person and that one person can influence just one more……….pretty soon a big change is inevitable.

So lets see if we can change whining into winning.


2 thoughts on “No Whining

  1. Cool ideas, Brian. I, too, have practiced procrastination for most of my adult life. After four decades, I am finally learning the importance of priorities. I have recently found peace by accepting that what is priority to me today, will get done today; and that what is priority to me tomorrow, will be done tomorrow. My life is now showing me what my priorities are; however I am in control of the Edit button!


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