My name is Brian and I have a bug in my britches to try something completely new for me. I have an extensive background of jack of all trades and master of none and I believe that my experiences can lend themselves to helping you not make as many mistakes in your life as I possibly have.

I have done many things over my 5 decades of adventures starting out a an only child in a small Minnesota town of less than 3,800 people. I have served in the Marine Corps, I have farmed, been a custodian, a volunteer fireman, volunteer ambulance emergency medical technician, served as a city/county emergency manager, taught countless first aid/CPR classes,taught EMT classes. I am a CERT trainer, a HAZMAT operations technician, served on the MN Governor’s board for firefighter training, taught classroom and behind the wheel drivers training. I have done home inspections, small engine repair and built and remodeled many houses. Not to mention I worked for the Minnesota Department of Transportation for 13 years and plowed snow through some of worse winters in recent history, I have taught Civil Engineering Technology at North Dakota State College of Science for 10 years, I adjunct teach at Minnesota State University Moorhead in Construction Management and I have worked for the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University for the past 2 years as Engineering Training Manager. I am an OSHA 30-hour safety trainer, an eCollege certified trainer and once held a Minnesota real estate appraisal license. I have had gastric bypass surgery 9 years ago, I am diabetic, anemic, with a bad back. I quit a 3-pack a day smoking habit and am a recovering alcoholic. I have four children including a set of twins and two dogs, I have been married three times and divorced twice (third time is a charm). My daughter is engaged to my step son and are living together in a house they have bought. I enjoy gardening, I have a greenhouse in my back yard. I have acted in 10 different plays in the local community. And as of this date I am not yet 50 years old . Does this make me an expert at anything? No, just a very successful and energetic person.

I invite you to follow me along my path as I segue into a new chapter in my life. Please read, comment and share your thoughts and ideas as we go along.

A day not learning is a day not living.



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