Fall seems to be the time when we really start thinking in terms of teams. Football is here and baseball is heading towards the World Series. But, the sporting world is not the only place we find teams, we find them in offices, factories, schools, hospitals, marriages, churches, etc.. There is almost a guarantee that you are currently on some type of a team right now.

Teams are created when a leader brings together a group of individuals, these individuals are chosen by their abilities and talent. They are selected by the value that they can add to the effort. They also evaluated on their ability to put aside personal gain for the benefit of the team.

John Maxwell in his book The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork writes of a T-shirt he saw that read, “My idea of a team is a whole lot of people doing what I tell them to do.” Allright, I do find the humor in that statement but rest assured that it is NOT how a team needs to operate if it desires to be successful.

A successful team is one being lead by a true leader, where all of the individuals are like-minded and all are working towards a common goal, they have a desire to see the team succeed, they see the vision. But, when a team is merely a group of individuals, regardless of leadership, talent or ability, rarely, if at all, will the team succeed.

“There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by oursleves.” – Lyndon Johnson

A good team will outperform any individual, every time. Who’s on your team?

TEAMS Together Everyone Achieves More Success (2)



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