Some cool home maintenance ideas even when it’s hot

July is here and so is the heat. It is really tough to be thinking about home maintenance when a cool beverage and a shady spot to sit are much more appealing.

Take advantage of the hot weather as a time to get wet.

Consider pressure washing your homes exterior. Pressure washing your homes exterior is something that should be considered as regular upkeep, especially if you have permanent siding. Giving your home a good pressure washing does a couple of things, first, it removes some of the accumulated oxidation that has built up over the past year or so, and gives your siding a freshly painted appearance. It also removes unwanted deposits from your friendly birds that may cause permanent spotting if not attended to. and lastly it gives you time to take a good close look at your exterior and notice any other repairs that may not be noticed with a casual glance.

A couple of words of caution when using a pressure washer on your siding; be careful not to spray up and under the siding, start at the top and work your way down, be careful not to spray directly into the openings around your doors and windows, this may cause damage to the weather stripping and cause leaks, and be sure not to get too close or get too aggressive, especially with wood or hardboard siding as you can really damage the surface. It is advisable to try in an inconspicuous spot first to be sure that you are able to get the results you are looking for.

If you do decide to use a cleaner, be sure to protect your plants as some of the cleaners can be a little harsh on your tender vegetation.

A little fun with the water can clean your house, keep you cool, and even water some of your lawn.



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