The “Vowels” of Relationships

Many times we use vows to solidify a relationship, let me suggest that maybe we can look at using vowels to do more than just solidify a relationship but to also improve and grow that relationship.

Here are my suggested vowels of relationship:

A – Ask -Are you satisfied? Are your needs being met? What areas are in need of improvement? What are we doing exceptionally well? What is it that we need to stop doing immediately?

E – Educate – Who we are? Never discuss who we were as that is no longer valid, we       have grown. How are we evolving? Where are we going? What makes us sing?

I – Imagine – Creating and obtaining our goals. Defining and securing a win-win situation. Possibilities.

O – Offer – Opportunities to grow and learn. Resources that can benefit the overall success of the relationship. Council, remember that advice is given to protect, but council is given to benefit.

U – Understand – Difficulties, obstacles, and frustrations. Understand that sacrifices are made by all, don’t just dwell on the sacrifices you have made but be sure that you appreciate all the sacrifices that others have made too. Show compassion and caring in all matters of the relationship.

There is nothing written that says that relationships are easy. It has been said that coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, but working together is success.