How Dare You?

Have you ever tried something unique or maybe outside of the mainstream, and have had folks wonder how you could be so irresponsible? Well, irresponsible may not be the appropriate choice of words in many of these situations. Let’s see if the word daring would better fit.

If we are truly trying to do something that is of benefit to ourselves or to others, there should be little room for shame in trying something that others have not. When some one voices a concern such as “how dare you,” don’t be worried that you have offended them or that you have done something inappropriate, think more along the lines of being daring, willing to step out in faith to obtain a goal that for many others is entirely out of grasp.

If we don’t dare to reach for a goal, we will never achieve it, so it takes a lot of daring to stretch out that arm, to take a step into the unknown, to be daring enough to take a chance. We can only accomplish a goal if we try and many times it takes more than ambition to get started towards a goal….it takes being daring.


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