What is Behind the Facade?


How often do we look at things and only see what is on the surface? When we are dealing with struggles in our lives, many times we look at others and think that if we could be more like them our lives would be so much better. Would it really?

One of the biggest problems we face when comparing ourselves to others is that we are comparing our insides to the facade that the other person allows us to see. Many times what appears to be well put together and highly functional is in reality just as big or bigger a mess than we ourselves are dealing with.

We may be walking our paths thinking that things are bad and then we meet someone else who looks at us and wishes that they were as organized and in control of their lives as we are in ours.

We are good at appearing to be in much better shape than we actually are and fooling ourselves into believing that others would only show their true feelings. The only person that we need to be comaring ourselves with is the person we see in our mirror each morning….everything else is just a facade.


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