Here and Now

Here and Now

Here and now should be such an easy thing to deal with. When we participate fully in the here and now we don’t have the regrets that may haunt us of what was done or what might have been. We cannot change what has transpired, nor can we go back and relive the moments that we hold dearly in our hearts.

Here and now should give us comfort from the worries and anticipation of the future. All the worry that we can muster will not have even the slightest effect on what is to be, nor can we rely on having the future even come to be as there truly are no guarantees in this life.

The only real guarantee that we have is the here and now. How we are living, how we are thinking, what we are doing, these are what we can count on and what we have to work with.

The best tool we have at our disposal to make our lives as meaningful as possible is the knowledge that we are living our life to the fullest, to the fullest in the here and now.



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