Communication and Connecting

Today as I was working on a presentation today, based on the book by John Maxwell, titled “Everyone Communicates Few Connect” I was reminded of how good, effective communication has taken a back seat to poorly attempted and mostly failed communication techniques.

John Maxwell says that he knows when he has connected with people he senses certain feelings and they include:

  • Feeling an effect of extra effort where people are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that a solid connection has been made and that it is sending positive signals between both parties.
  • People when they are connected with will offer up unsolicited appreciation and will say positive things in response to the positive connect that has been made with them.
  • People will demonstrate and unguarded openness by way of showing that they place their trust in you and have a confidence that it is safe to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings with you.
  • You can also expect to enjoy increased communication as they tend to wont to continue further with their communication with you.
  • If you are connecting you should also experience a sense of joy knowing that they are enjoying communicating with you and it will be an enjoyable experience.
  • There will also be what John calls and emotional bondedness in they way you are connected on an emotional level with your communicator.
  • There will also be a feeling of positive energy that is being shared between you and your communicator and that both of you will fill a re-charging of your emotional and intellectual batteries.
  • A growing synergy will develop the connected effectiveness will be greater that the sum of the parties’ contributions.
  • And finally there will be a feeling of unconditional love and a deep acceptance of each other without any sort of reservation.

As Maxwell says, “Everyone talks. Everyone communicates. But few connect. Those who do connect take their relationships, their work, and their lives to another level.

Don’t consider communication as something that just occurs, it is a true essential skill that need to be learned, practiced, and elevated continuously.

It is been said that we are the recipients of over thirty-five thousand messages each day. Everywhere we go we find that someone, somewhere is trying to get our attention in some way, shape, or form. (especially during campaign season) We not only have face-to-face conversations, but phone calls, text messages, emails, not to mention social media. With all of these messages begging for our attention how do we determine which ones are worthy of our attention and which ones are not?

An average person will speak about 16,000 words every day, this amounts to the equivalent of a three-hundred page book each week. Imagine the volumes that we contribute to over a lifetime.

Talk is easy, but how can we make our words count, how do we really communicate with others? How do we choose which messages to tune into and which ones to ignore? If you truly start connecting with those we communicate with, it will be much easier to answer these questions.


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