Where Has The Summer Gone?

Well, with the calendar turning over to August and the wealth of back to school sales and even my own preparations to begin teaching classes again this fall (or should I say in two weeks) it may be a time to reflect on all that has occurred.

My summer started off with dreams of planting gardens, working in the soil and harvesting an abundance of healthy and wholesome produce. CHECK. Yes, I have had a wonder summer of gardening and it really has been a joy being a part of it.

I had and am still having a great time working the learning gardens at Trollwood. The community garden at Daily Park has been a hundred times more successful than I ever imagined. My home garden has been quite active. All I can say is WOW what a year!

Oh now don’t think that it has been all wonderful, there has been some trying times. Most of June was very dry and crops were stunted and yields suffered. The vine borers got ahold of my awesome looking zucchini and winter squash, and then the rabbits and raccoon have been more than a little greedy in the size of their shares of the harvest.

I soon will have bushels of tomatoes to be picked, canned, donated, thrown, and left on unsuspecting neighbors’ porches and back car seats. As my dad always says, “Eat what you can, can what you can’t.”

We do reap what we sow and happiness is what I mostly sowed this spring and happiness is what I am reaping now. God’s blessings are abundant.

“Keep Those Fingers Dirty!”




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