Square Foot Gardening Simple Tools

“Our aim should be not how much strain our strength can stand, but how great we can make that strength. With such an aim we shall incidentally and naturally find ourselves accomplishing more work that if we aimed at the work itself. Moreover, when such ideas are attained, work instead of turning into drudgery tends to turn into play, and the hue of life seem to turn from dull gray to the bright tints of well-remembered childhood.” FISHER AND FISK, In How to Live.

Square Foot Gardening is such a simple process and it requires no specialized tools or abilities. All we need is a bed that is 6 inches deep, a good soil (Mel’s Mix), some quality seeds and what used to be a chore is now an enjoyment. Add to this God’s blessing, a get-it-done-attitude, a good bit of sun, some water and a trowel, pencil, and a scissors and we are gardening.

Now that is how to live.


“Keep Those Fingers Dirty!”Cabbages


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