Try Gardening Therapy for Dementia

April 1st here in the Red River Valley of the North and God has the last April Fool’s joke on us…it is snowing. My dad always says you get three snows on a Robin’s back. He is usually right. As the weather will now begin to warm up many of us are looking to break free from the cabin walls we have been climbing all winter and are eager to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer us. Gardening provides us with a means of spending meaningful time with loved ones, even those with Alzheimer’s.

The garden, which is what God intended us to live in, is a beautiful place to spend time reflecting, nurturing, and observing the wonders of nature. It is also a great way to get in some fresh air, warm sunlight, and some mild exercise. Reasearch has even shown that outdoor gardening can be beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s and that gardening can engage their senses and allow people with Alzheimer’s to experience positive emotions that they don’t get on a regular basis. Who would have thought that gardening could be a way to help patients with Alzheimer’s rediscover thier world.

Patients with Alzheimer’s become more with drawn and paranoid as their disease progresses, but many of thier long-term memories are intact. Gardening may actually help patients recall pleasant memories and allow them to live in a healthier time.

  1. Other benefits to gardening include:
  2. Great exercise for the mind and body
  3. Creating a sense of purpose for a loved one facing Alzheimer’s
  4. Boosting energy levels and promoting a good nights sleep
  5. Creating a sense of community of gardening with others
  6. Allowing loved ones to experience success, ultimately building confidence.
  7. Helping to maintain an existing skill set

If you are interesting in the benefits of gardening for yourself or for your loved ones, please contact me at

or by calling 701-640-8985

I do have a class scheduled on April 5th at Rasmussen College here in Fargo at 6:00pm, for more information and to register go to EventBrite at:

I will have more information becoming available so stay in touch.

If you are interested in obtaining an elevated Square Foot Garden contact me:IMG_20160323_165804926

If you are interested in donating to help get gardens to those in need please see my GoFundMe site at:

Keep Those Fingers Dirty!




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