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“Our aim should be not how much strain our strength can stand, but how great we can make that strength. With such an aim we shall incidentally and naturally find ourselves accomplishing more work that if we aimed at the work itself. Moreover, when such ideas are attained, work instead of turning into drudgery tends to turn into play, and the hue of life seem to turn from dull gray to the bright tints of well-remembered childhood.” FISHER AND FISK, InĀ How to Live.

Square Foot Gardening is such a simple process and it requires no specialized tools or abilities. All we need is a bed that is 6 inches deep, a good soil (Mel’s Mix), some quality seeds and what used to be a chore is now an enjoyment. Add to this God’s blessing, a get-it-done-attitude, a good bit of sun, some water and a trowel, pencil, and a scissors and we are gardening.

Now that is how to live.


“Keep Those Fingers Dirty!”Cabbages



Today it was 20 degrees, my little fountain that I prematurely started made a beautiful ice sculpture. The Robin’s were in the trees singing “Baby it’s Cold Outside”, the wind was down right nasty but that is April here in Minnesota/North Dakota.

People are asking “What can I do to get in the garden?” Well, let’s not rush things too much, our last frost date is May 15th for zone 4. If your garden is dry you can start cleaning it up, gather all the leaves and let over plant materials if any and get them in the compost pile for goodies for this summer. If you haven’t yet, you might want to get your peppers, tomatoes, Cabbages, etc. started indoors, so they will be ready to go outside to start hardening of in a couple of weeks.

If you just have to be putting seeds in the ground, please wait another couple of weeks. You can plant radishes, onions, lettuce, spinach and even peas, but beware that there are lots of frost possibilities yet and the rabbits are looking for something green to eat too, and your sprouts may be just what they are looking for.

There are so many clean up chores to be done that I would work on those first. Clean out your bushes, shrubs and flower gardens. It is amazing how nice things look after a good spring cleaning. Get your lawn tools ready for use, put away the snow blower and get the mower out. Be careful about raking the lawn until it is good and dry, that is not a problem here this year as we had very little snow and not much precipitation yet. Get your windows washed so that you can see what your lawn and garden have to offer you. Clean out the shed and garage, get things spruced up and then we can get serious about planting.

Patience is a virtue.


Keep Those Finger Dirty!!IMG_20160402_223836736[1]

Try Gardening Therapy for Dementia

April 1st here in the Red River Valley of the North and God has the last April Fool’s joke on us…it is snowing. My dad always says you get three snows on a Robin’s back. He is usually right. As the weather will now begin to warm up many of us are looking to break free from the cabin walls we have been climbing all winter and are eager to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer us. Gardening provides us with a means of spending meaningful time with loved ones, even those with Alzheimer’s.

The garden, which is what God intended us to live in, is a beautiful place to spend time reflecting, nurturing, and observing the wonders of nature. It is also a great way to get in some fresh air, warm sunlight, and some mild exercise. Reasearch has even shown that outdoor gardening can be beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s and that gardening can engage their senses and allow people with Alzheimer’s to experience positive emotions that they don’t get on a regular basis. Who would have thought that gardening could be a way to help patients with Alzheimer’s rediscover thier world.

Patients with Alzheimer’s become more with drawn and paranoid as their disease progresses, but many of thier long-term memories are intact. Gardening may actually help patients recall pleasant memories and allow them to live in a healthier time.

  1. Other benefits to gardening include:
  2. Great exercise for the mind and body
  3. Creating a sense of purpose for a loved one facing Alzheimer’s
  4. Boosting energy levels and promoting a good nights sleep
  5. Creating a sense of community of gardening with others
  6. Allowing loved ones to experience success, ultimately building confidence.
  7. Helping to maintain an existing skill set

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Keep Those Fingers Dirty!