The Winning Team

Nowhining BannerIt is playoff season for football and as we watch our favorite teams complete, fighting to continue their hunt for a prized trophy, some of our teams win, and some of our teams lose. Does a win make a team better than the team that lost? Can the losing team still be a winner? Remember, “Winning or losing doesn’t matter, it’s how you play the game that matters.” We have all heard that previous saying, but what about “If winning or losing doesn’t matter, then why do we keep score?” why do we keep score? What is our obsession with winning? In the long run does it really matter? We all know exactly how the game of life will end. We all get the same trophy, a marble or granite stone with two numbers on it, and they are not our win-lose record.

“I’d rather be on a losing team of winners than a winning team of losers.” Why do we accept saying like this as being true? I get to pick who I allow on my team and who I don’t, so why then would I pick a loser to be on my team. It’s been stated that you are a reflection of your five closest friends. So if you your five closest friends are fools, what does that make you? Surround yourself with good, strong, healthy, and inspiring people, and you will become the reflection of that team. About a month ago I attended a speakers symposium where I was bombarded with motivational speeches from twenty of the most inspiring people I have ever seen. After the event I rode the wave of that high for days, in fact I still get a chill when I think of how awesome that felt. I was surrounded by an infectious positive energy, inspiring motivation, and happy people, it would have been impossible to shield myself from that kind of electricity. Now that is the team I want to be on!

On our trophy of marble or granite, the two numbers I mentioned above are not our win-lose record they indicate the time we were given to play the game. For some, the game is short, for others the game goes into overtime, we never know how long we get to play. Make the most of the time between the numbers, spend that time with a team of winners. Learn, teach, love, inspire, lead, be gentle, be kind, and forgive. Don’t worry about the numbers, we have no control over what the are or what they will be, the only thing we can control is how we choose to spend the space between them. GO TEAM!!!


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