NOOOO, look what time it is!

Nowhining BannerSo many times we are dragged down by the burdens we carry, I am not talking about bushel baskets of corn, bundles of shingles, or lengths of lumber; I am talking about the emotional burdens of our day to day living. Often we awaken in the morning to an alarm clock that shows us that we hit the “snooze” one too many times. Next, in a mad rush to make up time, we stub our toe on some misplaced object on the way to the bathroom, then we pull a button off of our shirt, now we can’t find our car keys and then we fight a mob of hundreds of others who started their days in just as hurried a manner as us. We haven’t even walked into the door of the office yet and already we are in the midst of a “bad day”, and it probably will not get much better as it goes on.

Often we hear that we can predict our day by our attitudes and that there really is such a thing as self-fulfilling prophesy. If you doubt me, think about the first thing you will say to the first person you meet at the office…”Let me tell you about my terrible, horrible, no good, rotten, very bad day”, now we are trying to bring down that spirits of our co-worker. See what a domino effect this can have, because we started our day in a negative program.

What if, instead of starting off our day in that manner we re-think our decisions that we’ve made in the first scenario. We wake up to the alarm clock and it shows us that we hit the snooze one too many times and we are late getting going. Take a minute and ask yourself “Who is going to die because I over slept?” That might be a bit extreme but play along with me. You are probably going to be late for work, I don’t think any state in the union carries a death penalty for being late for work, so slow down, realize that we are human and we make mistakes from time to time. If you are habitually late for work, maybe you need to try another means of insuring that you get up in time, more on that later on. A quick call, text, or email to the office is probably all that is needed to mitigate the problem. Maybe we will need to make a more formal apology to the boss if we missed an important meeting, but we can take the heat for our own actions. Now with that taken care of, you can go about your morning routine as normal, maybe skip the second cup of coffee or your morning exercises this one time, and roll into the office in your normal healthy good mood, say a pleasant “good morning” to your co-worker, and save the drama for a more appropriate time.

Did you intentionally oversleep? I doubt that very much, why would we subject ourselves to that unneeded stress in the first place. Did we gain any time by hurrying and stubbing our toe?  Definitely not, and the cursing doesn’t fit in well with the morning birds’ singing. Did the button come off our shirt because the shirt knew we were already late…that one could be debated. Did our morning commute give us time to relax and prepare ourselves for a good day? No, we were hurried and others were hurried and some words and one fingered waves may have been exchanged. Did our co-worker need to be lambasted with the barrage of fury that we built up on the way to work, absolutely not. Did the mornings’ escapades improve or degrade our day at work?

Things happen and we need to understand that. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Set two alarms, put one in the bathroom so you have to get up to turn it off, go to bed earlier and get a good night’s sleep. There are many solutions to the problem, over reacting should be the last choice on our list, not the first.

Be kind to yourself, go easy on yourself, forgive yourself, and be nicer to yourself; you and others will appreciate the effort.


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