Be Nicer

My dad always said “Be Nicer” instead of just “Be Nice”, I guess that way he really never insinuated that you weren’t nice but rather it was a way to let you know that you were not being as nice as you should be.

In today’s world maybe we all need to listen to my dad’s advice and “Be Nicer”. See, I’m not saying that you are not a nice person, just reminding you that you are not being as nice as you could be at this particular moment in time.

Every day I see people driving through the busy city streets as they are on their way to wherever it is that they are on their way to, and many of them need to “Be Nicer”. They could start by slowing down, not being so aggressive, not honking their horns and definitely using all of their fingers when they wave at me. What harm is there in letting someone merge, or waiting an extra five seconds before blowing your horn to get the person in front of you to move.

When responding to comments on social media, “Be Nicer”. If someone posts something that you disagree with, do you really need to post back a derogatory rebuttal and question the number of generations that the original poster’s family has been walking upright? If you feel that opposed to what they are saying, ask yourself “Are we really friends? Maybe I should just block their posts or un-friend them”. You really have no chance of changing someones mind on social media, they are entitled to their opinion.

When you are out in public and using your phone, “Be Nicer” don’t include the entire restaurant in your conversation of your needless rant about how much jewelry costs at the discount store. “Be Nicer” and lower your voice when in public, or better yet wait until you are alone and take or make your calls at that time.

Teach your children to “Be Nicer”. children should show respect, if not to others or strangers at least to you their parent. Moms and Dads,respect your children,don’t yell at your children or call them names, where do you think they will learn how to treat their children?

“Be Nicer” to everyone. Does it take a lot of effort to be polite, to smile, to lend a hand, to respect your fellow human being? Ernest Tubb, the country music singer used to say “Be better to your neighbors and you’ll have better neighbors, by cracky.”

Before you make a decision to do something not normally as nice as you usually are, ask yourself “What are my intentions here? Does that person deserve to be treated the way I am about to treat them?” When faced with a decision like that just “Be Nicer.”


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